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Design, Digested #2: Solidarity In The Design Community

Design inspiration series. This week: solidarity in the design community, designing for belonging, equality and diversity, cross-cultural design and more.

Every day I read, watch or listen to something about design, creativity and culture. Every week, I share what inspires me the most.


The Design Community Must Not Stay Silent

Harrison Wheeler invites the design community to use their power to question systems that are not right. We work with empathy, reasearch and solution-based approaches every day. It’s time we use the same techniques to find better ways to support and uplift our black neighbours, friends and colleagues.

Read the article on Medium.

Designing For Belonging: Why Image Localization Matters

Music can be a unifying experience. But it’s also a personal and localized one, explains Nora Ahlenius. How do you make a global product feel inclusive and relevant for people all over the world? Spotify does representation well, through research, involving local experts, and by questioning bias.

Read the article on Spotify Design.

Blast Off: Visionary Vintage Children’s Book Celebrates Equality, Diversity, and Space Exploration

“For as long as she could remember, Regina Williams wanted to become an astronaut,” the story begins. Regina is a black girl with a passion for space exploration and is the protagonist of “Blast Off”, an inspiring and imaginative book from 1973.

Read the article on Brain Pickings.


Cross-Cultural Design by Senongo Akpem

The web has always been worldwide, and yet this concept is relevant today more than ever. Our designs should be able to create rich experiences for everyone, regardless of location, language or identity. If you’re curious about how our Western assumptions bias our design choices, this book is for you.

Read more on A Book Apart.

The Culture Map: Breaking Through The Invisible Boundaries Of Global Business by Erin Meyer

Following on the topic of an ever more globalised world, this book is not much about design per se, but it helps navigate and decode the cultural differences within the context of business. Since work is likely to become remote for many in the design field, it is also plausible to spawn multicultural teams. A great opportunity to expand our mindset.

Read more on Goodreads.


About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

Reni Eddo-Logde is the author of the book Why I’m Not Longer Talking To White People About Race. Her 2018 podcast takes the conversation further, by looking at recent history that lead to the politics of today.

Listen here or on your favourite podcast platform.

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