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After the Rain

Today, after the rain, I used the tripod to take a few short videos in the garden. With time, I will set up a YouTube channel to share them. As Design, Digested went on holiday with good reasons – read why in my latest campaign – I took time today to appreciate my surroundings after…Continue readingAfter the Rain


New Journey, New Blog

As my husband and I embarked on a new journey, we created a new blog at to document it. After nine years since we moved to the UK, we’re going back to our home country, Italy, where we’ll stay until the pandemic is under control. It feels like hitting the reset button: a much-needed…Continue readingNew Journey, New Blog

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Photography Rut and Little Things in My Garden

Half-way through a photography project, I found myself in a photography rut. I tried a few tricks to get out of it. Continue readingPhotography Rut and Little Things in My Garden